about us

dewbug creative is a professional services agency devoted to serving local brands. 

Combining years of industry experience, hustle & passion, this mother-daughter duo is crawling with creative solutions for brands who dare to dream.

dewbug, headquartered in Winchester, Kentucky, offers customized services ranging from digital marketing & back office support to branding strategy, strategic communications plan, content creation, social media management & more.

Named from the combination of the founders' childhood nicknames, dewbug is an homage those childlike traits we thought we left behind: endless curiosity, mountainous imaginations & that grand sense of wonder & possibility. 

dewbug found its inner child; it's what drives us to build better brands. we're forever fascinated about what brands could be with a drop of creative thinking, hard work and the right attitude. 

brands, it's your turn to embrace your inner child below the surface.

Dare to dream, dewbug does the work.

#DaretoDream #DewtheWork